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National Plan Your Vacation Day is here!

Just like many things in our life, we usually need a plan. When we plan and schedule things in our lives, they tend to come to fruition. January 31, 2023, is the day I encourage you to sit down and plan your vacation for the year. This would include big trips, those camping and fishing trips, or just staycations! My husband Gary and I just scheduled our 'Us Weekends' and our 'must do' camping trips and we are working on the planning for our rescheduled big trip for the year.


Did you know that travel planning is a service Leisure Owl Travel offers? We are here to inspire, create a travel package and properly prepare you for lift-off!


So set your sights on the most wondrous of destinations and be ready to soar with worldwide luxury travel for adults! When you choose Leisure Owl Travel, you can travel confidentially to the destinations you have always dreamt of exploring. Through each step of our planning process, we'll save you time, and stress, ensure you get the most value for your hard-earned vacation dollars, and advocate for your trips. Contact me today and schedule your free consultation!

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